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November 2006

Flushaway Sells Out Before It Hits The Shelf!!!

The first order of Flushaway products destined for the Western Cape area has been pre-sold even before it reaches the shelves. Pharmacies are eager to have this innovative alternative in their front shop and Capetonians - traditionally the most Environmentally aware consumers in the country - have once again shown this in their choice of feminine hygiene products.

We will ensure that Pharmacies enjoy an uninterrupted supply of Flushaway products through Alpha-Pharm and Helderberg Medical. 

This enthusiasm is not confined to the Cape, however, as repeat orders are expected in the Joburg and Pretoria areas in the near future.

October 2006

Flushaway at the Natural and Organic Products Exhibition - Update

The Flushaway stand received an overwhelming response at the Organic show in Johannesburg. This is the premier showcase for new products that focus on sustainability as their prime selling point. Many visitors had not heard about this revolutionary product and are keen to make the switch to an easily disposable and hygienic alternative. 

A broad spectrum of new customers visited the stand. These included mothers of teenagers who are just entering womanhood, ladies who are discouraged from using tampons for religious reasons and doctors who can see the benefits of a flushable pad.

Visitors to our stand in a Trade capacity included buyers from a wide spectrum of the economy; from owners of bush lodges that have septic tanks to operators of hostels in low income areas that have ongoing problems with blocked plumbing. We were pleased with the number of entrepreneurs from all economic sectors intending on opening new Health Shops.

Flushaway stand at the Natural and Organic Products Exhibition - click for a larger image
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September 2006

Envirostar is pleased to announce that the Flushaway range of Sanitary Towels and Panty Liners was recently listed as a new product in the SANParks shops in the Kruger National Park. The Kruger Park is the premier tourist attraction in South Africa, covering some 2 million hectares of diverse terrain; and is home to the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo), other mammals and over five hundred bird species.

There are 12 shops in the main rest camps in the park selling a wide variety of curios, perishables and toiletries. Envirostar is proud to be associated with SANParks and proud to offer a product that women can use in the knowledge that once disposed, will have no lasting effect on this unspoilt wilderness.

South African National Parks

The United Nations has declared Monday 5th June 2006 as World Environment Day We at Envirostar are proud that all South African women are now able to use Flushaway products with the confidence that you are making a small contribution to reducing the volume of solid waste in our landfills.
Now you can do something to help without drastically changing your habits! 

"What took them so long?"

The July 2005 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine featured an insert about Flushaway pads and panty liners. The article highlights the fact that this is a product that is long overdue. The good news is that they will be available in South Africa within the next few months.
If you would like to be kept updated with when and where these products will be available, please click here and we will keep you posted.

 'Rad Pad' Insert - Cosmopolitan July 2005
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Independent Tests and Awards

Most Recent Test Results

Flushaway products have been tested for various qualities in the past. Foremost among these assessments are the trials done to determine the validity of the claims relating to their Biodegradability.

In 2005 the Hong Kong Baptist University conducted tests to measure the time taken for sanitary towels to degrade. Their Biology department used the ASTM D5988-03 method. According to this standard, a product must degrade by 70% in six months. The Flushaway sample degraded by over 71% in 70 days. This is well within the required parameter for the claim of “Biodegradable”.

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Flushaway towels and liners have also passed the international ASPM test for standard flush systems. This test was conducted independently at Brunel University. Consumers can use the products with the assurance that they will disappear round the U-bend in 99 out of 100 flushes. OK, so nobody’s perfect!



A number of international awards have been presented to the Flushaway brand. Among these are Ecologo from Canada’s Environmental Choice Program.

The UK Council has also honoured the products with the Millennium Products Award.